Wednesday, January 25, 2012


united bamboo, fishtail parka

I'm loving all the military inspired army green coats, especially this fishtail parka by United Bamboo... gimme, gimme. I was on the subway the other day and happen to sit in front of a trio of very hip Japanese (two guys and a girl.) I couldn't help but admire their casual style from the tips of their shoes to their carefree hairstyles. One of the guys sported dreads and an army green parka, the other wore a denim shirt under an eye-popping vintage plaid coat, and the girl had on a cool toggle coat with grey oxford shoes. Here's my take on their ensembles.

1. zo-on vera fleece coat 2. calypso meridien sailor 3. united bamboo mohair turtleneck sweater 4. joe's jeans the skinny 5. dieppa restrep cali oxford
1. burberry plaid coat 2. madewell denim campsite shirt 3. hasso garcia tote 4. frye billy heel short

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