Thursday, January 12, 2012


Don't you love finding surprises in unexpected places? Like, say, forgotten money in a coat pocket, a piece of jewelry in an overstuffed drawer, or an old keepsake in a throw away shoebox. But what about when you find an old photo, drawing, or handwritten note in someone else's book? A book from the library or one you picked up for a few cents at a yard sale or junk shop. You're discovering a remnant from someone's past, a tiny glimpse into a stranger's soul. Sometimes you encounter something quite extraordinary, others something more practical. Here's a pie crust recipe written on an index card found in a 1902 copy of "Old Sweetheart of Mine" by James Whitcomb Riley.

Pie Crust: 3 c flour, 1 c lard, salt, 5 tbl water, 1 tbl vinegar, 1 egg

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