Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I was thinking about pies. Or more specifically the metaphoric pie, the savory delights and sweet confections life has to offer us. Proof of the American Dream and all that it promises - the possibility of prosperity and success and the potential for a better and richer life based on ability and achievement. Our hopes and dreams baked into layers of possibility and transformed into delicious reality. An assortment of pies aplenty. Warm and nourishing pies to fill our bellies and stave off hunger. Rich and decadent pies, life's sweet reward for our hard work and resilience. No matter the crust, filling, or flavor we all want a piece of the pie. But what if your plate comes up empty? Or you continually end up with the crumbs? Are you doing all you can to get your share of the pie?

There are pie eaters who never hesitate to take their slice, the bigger the better. They are the first in line, the first to get served, and the first to take a bite. It never occurs to them to question if they deserve the slice of the pie because the answer is always a resounding yes! These same people tackle life with confidence and enthusiasm, and see themselves as winners. They take as their due the blue ribbons, gilded trophies, and yes, pies, life has to offer them. Then there are others equally talented and deserving but for whatever reason seem reluctant to take their share, always taking the smallest sliver of pie. Others wait to see if there's any left after everyone else has served themselves, and are often left with the crumbs. And still others give their slice away so another doesn't go without. As if they didn't deserve a slice of their own. Then there are those that grab out of turn, helping themselves to pie with a heaping scoop of self-entitlement. What kind of pie eater are you?

I used to think it was polite to wait until everyone else was served first but it's a ridiculous notion. Am I not entitled as everyone else for my slice of the pie? Sure I am and so are you. That doesn't mean we have to be greedy, or take out of turn. But it also doesn't mean we should wait around for hand outs or for someone else to serve us. That's a sure-fire way to come up empty. If you want a piece of the pie, go for it! But make sure you have a recipe on hand because you just might have to bake it yourself. That's okay, homemade is always tastier.