Sunday, May 15, 2011


Voila! And here it is - cherry pie! My dad won't be enjoying a slice since we live on opposite coasts but my friends certainly will. We'll be thinking of you, dad, I promise... with every scrumptious bite. Mmmm -


It's just after midnight and I'm baking cherry pie - my dad's favorite. The smoke alarms are blaring, the stereo is blasting, and as blurry-eyed as I am at this late hour - I'm blogging. The truth is there are a million and one things I should be doing like sorting, packing, and getting my house in order but I'm totally stressed out. At the end of the month I'm moving back to New York City. I admit it's got me in a kind of paralysis. Not because I'm leaving Los Angeles, but because of all the headache involved with moving. When I was younger it was easy. I lived by the motto that what didn't fit in two suitcases was just junk you sold off or donated. And although I reside in what I call my dwarf's cottage I find I've accumulated a lot of... stuff. I had plans to advertise on Craig's List, organize a yard sale slash pie social, and throw a hootenanny where all my friends could just come over help themselves. I don't foresee any of this happening. Instead here I am at the tail end of a tale spin, ready to just abandon everything and disappear. Are you allowed to that? Probably not. So here I am... baking. I find it puts things in perspective for me. There's no agonizing over what needs to be done because all you need to do is follow directions. Baking also requires all my attention so I find I'm less inclined to be distracted by the little voice inside my head asking, just what the heck are you doing? The short answer -cherry pie.