Tuesday, February 21, 2012


ph: dzg

Today, baby Gaël and I went to Chelsea to check out Doug Wheeler's installation at the David Zwirner Gallery. Wheeler calls it an "infinity environment," an all-white, light-saturated, rounded room with no corners. It feels like you're literally in the void. Your eyes can't fix on anything substantial, so everything literally falls away. It's disorienting yet amazing at the same time. Someone described it as a bit like falling down the rabbit hole.

The exhibition, titled SA MI 75 DZ NY 12, ends this week. So, race over and experience the heart of lightness for yourself. Just a head's up, though, there's a minimum two hour wait. Today was my second attempt and my lucky day. Apparently, the gallery has a policy that allows folks with children to jump the line. Oh, baby. Gotta love that. This article about Wheeler in the New York Times is worth a read.

Baby Gaël is the gorgeous (and genius) 11-month old boy of my dear friends, Emmanuel and Nathalie. He loves adventures!

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