Wednesday, December 28, 2011


johnny cash's to-do list via listofnote

I've mentioned more than a few times I love to keep lists. Written down on just about anything and about everything. Some are simple 'to do' lists, others are types of 'wish' lists that include my inspirations, goals, and dreams, and still others are functional lists that help me remember, check off, and accomplish tasks. But I'm not the only one who likes to keep lists. The above handwritten To-Do List was made by the one and only 'Man in Black', Johnny Cash. Note #2 Kiss June and #3 Not kiss anyone else.

For me, the act of putting thoughts down to paper is a way to keep sane. Lists can decrease stress, increase productivity, keep you organized, and provide a sense of accomplishment. There's nothing more satisfying than crossing an item off your list. And frankly, there's so much going on in my head, my life, and with work that I need to write everything down so I don't forget it. I know with our busy schedules I'm not the only one that struggles with a short attention span. Lists also help me to stay focused in a day filled with interruptions. And when you're feeling overwhelmed, they act as reminders of what needs your attention. I can't tell you how many times I simply forgot to do something in the heat of the moment but if I go in with a list, I'm less likely to leave without finishing what I set out to do. The fact is, the simple act of writing things down not only helps you remember, it also sets goals you're more likely to accomplish.

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