Thursday, December 1, 2011


I watched the most amazing episode of Chopped in which the featured 'chefs' or contestants were school cafeteria cooks. I was so glad to see these 'lunch ladies' being honored for all that they do to feed our kids in school. All the contestants were knowledgeable and crafty cooks, but what stood out to me was just how gracious, honored, and thrilled they were to be on the show. There wasn't a sore loser in the bunch, all the ladies were incredibly supportive of one another. It was so obvious how much they cared about their students' health, using fun and clever ways to entice them to try new foods. One contestant wasn't intimated at seeing quinoa because she served the grain in her school! I also loved how the judges refused to call the contestants anything other than "chefs," bringing tears to the ladies' eyes. In the end, they were all considered winners and awarded five days of classes at the Culinary Institute of America. Cheryl from New Haven ended up taking the win and $10,000 with her Grilled Cream Cheese and Fruit Sandwich dessert. By the show's close everyone was crying - contestants, judges, even myself. I think it's fantastic that Food Network believed these ladies were worth featuring on the show. These talented school chefs disproved the stereotype of lunch ladies with hair nets, serving slop.

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