Tuesday, December 20, 2011


via keef

A timely reminder. I love to mentor young people, especially when I can share a nugget of wisdom learned from my own mistakes. And I've made a lot of them. Not a hard thing to do when you're the type to attempt new things with more enthusiasm than experience. Over the years I've picked up a trick or two and I believe it's important to share our experiences. But not just as cautionary tales. Sharing knowledge is empowering for everyone. I never understood people who were stingy with information.

One lesson worth sharing is to always know your own worth. Particularly when it comes to negotiating your rate. If you don't know how much you're worth, no one else will either. And although I don't always agree with the above sentiment, I will say this - nothing undermines your enthusiasm more than feeling like you're being hustled. Translation: under appreciated and underpaid. Someone will always try to cut corners, shave costs, or get something for nothing. Just don't undercut yourself. Ever. And if you're going to accept a crap job with crap pay, do it with your eyes wide open. It somehow lessens the bitter aftertaste.

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