Sunday, June 17, 2012


Dad, 1963
It's been years since I've celebrated Father's Day in person with my dad. This year I'm lucky enough to be in town, so this morning I fixed him his favorite breakfast, biscuits and gravy, and tonight I'm taking him to the Farmer's Market Restaurant for pig knuckles. Yes, I know, I had the same reaction but when a Southern man has a craving it's not necessarily for steak and potatoes...

My dad grew up in the South with five younger brothers and a sister. His family is originally from Plymouth, North Carolina. Dad joined the military when he was 17 years old (although we suspect he may have only been 16.) At 39, he retired from the military to attend law school. At the time he was teaching at West Point Academy. He continues to practice law in Fort Myers, Florida.

My Parents, 1966
My parents, Robert and Song, met in 1963. At the time, my father was stationed in Seoul, Korea and my glamorous mother worked for the National Tourism Agency. My parents only dated for about 4-5 months before he got his orders to go to Stuttgart, Germany. Before he left he wrote to my mother's father with his intention to marry her. After a long meeting (interrogation) with all the males in her family, my father accomplished the near impossible and was given their approval pending his return. They were apart for the next two years, and even though they were unsure of their future together, my parents continuously wrote one another love letters. I found them once, bundled in a silk scarf. When my father received his next orders, it was for Taiwan. During his month-long leave in January of 1966, he flew to Korea and married his sweetheart. They celebrated their 46th Wedding Anniversary this year.

Happy Father's Day! xxoo

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