Monday, June 11, 2012


The Rabbitsons, alena beljakov
I'm sort of obsessed with white rabbits. I can't out figure out if it's a recent thing or if rabbits have always held a certain kind of fascination for me. As a child we kept a couple of pet bunnies. One day they just mysteriously disappeared. And who could blame Alice for falling down the rabbit hole? Ever since the release of Fatal Attraction, one of my favorite expressions is, "bunny boiler." And the sight of a bobbing head rabbit on a car dashboard will steal a smile from me. I've also been collecting images of strangers wearing rabbit masks for years. They're unsettling and intriguing at the same time. Here are some rabbit related items that have previously caught my interest...

1//Hugs-a-porcupine origami rabbit pin.

2//Handmade bobbing head rabbit from Japan. 

3//The Rogue and the Wolf stainless steel bunny ears ring.

 4//Hand carved bunny ears stamp.

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