Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We all suffer from days when nothing seems to be going right, and everything wrong. You're convinced it's a cosmic conspiracy to trip you up just to see you fall. It starts with the alarm clock that didn't go off, and the lost time that trails you for the rest of the day putting you behind schedule no matter how early you show up. The coffee that spills down the front of your new white shirt, confirming what you've believed all along that there really is a hole in your lip. The bumper to bumper traffic on the LA freeway, the idiot that swoops in and steals the last parking space, the internet clog, the fax that never went out, the deal that fell through, the job you never got, the missed connection with the gorgeous guy you're convinced was your soul mate even though you only saw him that once at that place you can't recall. But then, just when you're ready to throw in the towel something happens to remind you that the universe really is rooting for you. They're not necessarily life altering epiphanies or grand gestures like winning the lottery but small seemingly insignificant pokes. Like hearing a song on the radio that perfectly captures the moment, a billboard sign that reads like a cosmic message only for you, the unexpected phone call from an old friend that makes you laugh, or the stranger that smiles at you with no agenda while you're waiting to pay for your five for a dollar ramen noodles. These small moments can shift our attitudes in a huge way. Suddenly the day doesn't seem so bad, your situation not so irretrievable, the disasters not so irreversible. In fact, everything seems just hunky dory as we're given a boost of faith that all is right in the world. The road of life gets bumpy from time to time, we can let it shake us up or choose to enjoy the ride. After all, it's not the destination but the journey that counts.

"Life is a lot like Frito Pie. Better when shared with friends, and best with twice the cheese."
- Peggy Hill, King of the Hill

Frito Pie
1 single-serving bag Fritos corn chips
ladle of chili
heap of grated cheddar cheese
chopped onions
jalapeño slices
  1. Slice bag of chips open along one side.
  2. Ladle chili over chips.
  3. Top with cheddar cheese, chopped onions, and jalapeño slices.

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